August Employee of the Month: Becky Torres

Congratulations to Ohio Home Health Aide Becky Torres for being chosen as the August Employee of the Month. Becky is a huge asset to our Ohio team! She started back in February of 2013 with WellsBrooke and this year became part of our WellsBrooke Certified team. On top of her regular clients, Becky has been doing visits for our new office while we are going through the process of obtaining our Medicare Certification! What a great time to showcase Becky and her generous efforts, as CHAP is working on our certification survey this week!!

Becky says she got into healthcare because she likes helping people. She knew she would be a perfect fit for the job, and gains satisfaction knowing she helps the elderly to get the care they need. She loves what she does and it makes her feel good when she is able to do something nice for someone else. Following the WellsBrooke philosophy, Becky provides the same kind of care that she would one day want for herself. Becky lives with her boyfriend and together they have four kids. They relax together by going fishing. Sometimes Becky can’t even fish because she is too busy using the net and running between her husband and her son to catch all the fish!

We are grateful to have Becky as part of our team and thank her for all that she does!

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