Working for WellsBrooke


WellsBrooke feels strongly that delivering quality home care services is dependent on the quality of our staff.

Only 30% of applicants meet WellsBrooke’s high standards.

To ensure that only the finest care is provided, full-time recruiters are dedicated to actively seeking candidates who meet WellsBrooke qualifications.

  • In order to qualify for employment, all candidates must have previous caregiver experience or training
  • For skilled positions, the validity of a candidate’s licensure is verified prior to hire and tracked throughout employment
  • Potential employees must pass thorough background screening, reference checks and a driving record check
  • Candidates must pass a pre-employment drug screen, as well as agree to undergo random drug testing, if requested
  • Candidates are evaluated by nursing supervisors before hire and performance evaluations are completed annually

WellsBrooke’s health care experts are covered by professional liability insurance and are bonded.  All taxes, Worker’s Compensation and unemployment insurance are provided by WellsBrooke.

WellsBrooke Caregivers Raise the Bar on Care

Prior to hire, WellsBrooke employees are subject to a series of training courses on topics such as safety in the home, infection control and client privacy.  Case-specific training is also provided on high skill cases.  WellsBrooke requires that employees remain current in their knowledge of new developments in health care.  This is accomplished through participation in a combination of online, classroom and field training.

Online courses are completed through the Michigan Association for Home Care website on the RCTC Virtual Campus.  WellsBrooke is proud to have been awarded the MAHC’s RCTC Long Distance Learning Award in 2010, 2011 and 2012!  Our employees have participated in nearly half the courses completed on the site throughout these three years.

WellsBrooke is proud to offer the WellsBrooke Training and Certification Program.

Through years of valuable experience, WellsBrooke has learned that simple things have a tremendous impact on a client’s well being and recovery.  Fundamental to our philosophy of care is to never forget that “we are invited guests in your home.”

The WellsBrooke Training and Certification Program was developed to enhance caregivers’ skills in areas of social and client interaction.  The training is “client-centric,” and develops skills for WellsBrooke staff in several key areas:

  • Etiquette and manners in the home care setting
  • Integrity, character and respect:  What it means to be a caregiver
  • Proper interaction with family members, neighbors and friends
  • Skill builders:  Meal preparation and household chores
  • Dealing with difficult behaviors

WellsBrooke’s intention with this program is to elevate the quality of care that is delivered.