Our Services

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  • Skilled Nursing
    • Provides necessary specialized procedures, including IV’s, wound care, ostomy care, catheters, etc.
    • Ensures frequent observation and assessments, thereby minimizing potential complications
    • Provides teaching and training for the patient, family and caregivers
    Physical Therapy
    • Assists in regaining abilities, such as walking independently
    • Provides therapeutic exercises for muscle re-education
    • Establishes goals for restoration of strength and endurance
    • Assists in improving gait and balance
    Occupational Therapy
    • Cultivates abilities needed to recapture personal independence for self-care
    • Assists in promoting home safety skills
    Speech Therapy
    • Promotes communication skills development
    • Assists in the restoration of swallowing abilities
    • Assists in restoring cognitive skills
    Medical Social Work
    • Provides counseling related to decision making
    • Offers community resource planning
    • Assists in developing short or long term planning
    Home Health Aide

    Under the supervision of an RN, assists patients with personal care, prescribed exercises and activities of daily living.

    Case Management

    After an in-depth assessment of your physical, emotional and environmental needs, the WellsBrooke nurse will ensure that this recovery period is well-planned and monitored. The goal is to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from our services, allowing you to reach your fullest potential.

    Therapy Management

    Frequent assessments and evaluations will measure and promote progress towards recovery goals.