Why WellsBrooke Private Duty

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  • First Visit and Nurse Assessment

    First Visit and Nurse Assessment

    Each of our WellsBrooke clients experiences the benefit of a WellsBrooke assessment. When the assessment is scheduled, you can expect a WellsBrooke Registered Nurse to come to your home and meet you personally. This first meeting is a great opportunity for us to get to know you better, and there is no obligation or charge.

    The first visit is designed for you, the client, to learn:

    What services you will receive from WellsBrooke
    What you can expect from the caregiver
    What you can do if you have questions or concerns about our services

    The first visit is also a time for the WellsBrooke staff to learn:

    More about you, the client
    As must as possible about your likes and dislikes
    More details about your individualized needs

    Because the WellsBrooke staff gathers information from you and gets to know you on a personal level, we are better prepared to choose the best caregiver for your specific needs. WellsBrooke strives to make the best match between caregiver and client, and we make certain that any caregiver sent to you is familiar with your specific care. WellsBrooke designs and maintains a care plan to fit your unique situation and needs. A home care plan designed with this level of detail and attention, based on the client’s needs and wants, is also the most cost-effective.

    Any time there is new staff in a client’s home, a familiar WellsBrooke staff member will instruct each new employee as to the specifics of the case without charge to the payor or client. This helps to ascertain that the client receives a caregiver who is productive from day one, and that the client and the caregiver are comfortable with one another.

    A Caregiver For You

    Guaranteed – A Caregiver for You

    How is having an agency like WellsBrooke different from having a friend or neighbor stay with you or your loved one?

    While your friend or neighbor may be reliable, in most cases they don’t have the resources to provide a “back-up plan.” WellsBrooke takes pride in our guaranteed coverage policy, and seeks reliable staff. In the event that a scheduled staff member is unable to fulfill their shift, we always offer an alternative caregiver to take their place.

    WellsBrooke provides a 24-hour after hours service. In the case of an emergency or to request a schedule change, a member of the WellsBrooke team can always be reached.

    Supervised Communication

    Supervised Communication

    WellsBrooke’s in-house nursing staff conducts exceptional supervision by being involved in all aspects of client care, including scheduling, recruiting and training. The availability of the nursing staff to react to the field staff’s observations or concerns assures a quick and appropriate response to care issues.

    In addition, WellsBrooke recognizes the importance of keeping the client and/or family members informed in providing comfort and peace of mind. Our experienced staff nurses understand the value of regular communication regarding client changes in health status, staffing, billing and other specifics which may be of concern. We work individually with case managers and provide ongoing reporting. WellsBrooke has been lauded for our quick response to calls and questions, and for finding appropriate solutions.

    In-Home Supervision

    In-Home Supervision

    To maintain high standards for care, a scheduled supervisory visit is done by a WellsBrooke nurse without charge to the payor or client. During the nurse visit, the WellsBrooke supervisor reviews the care plan with you to confirm that you are happy with your service, or, if appropriate, suggests changes to better meet your needs. Supervisory visits may also occur more frequently, particularly in the case of medically complex clients or those who are new to our service.

    Supervisory visits also offer the added benefit of forming a strong, productive liaison. During the visit, you may be asked to complete a short verbal survey, which allows us to use your input to tailor our services to your individualized requirements.

    “Quality of Life” Focus

    “Quality of Life” Focus

    WellsBrooke’s philosophy encompasses a simple message: “Care for our clients the way we would want someone to care for us.” Upholding that ideal involves dedication, organization and, most of all, compassion and gentleness. It means remembering birthdays and holidays, paying attention, listening carefully and responding immediately to satisfy clients’ needs.

    WellsBrooke goes above and beyond the usual expectations to help our clients live their lives to the fullest. Simple things and thoughtful gestures often make a big difference in a person’s outlook. Sending a small gift, inviting or accompanying a client to an event or simply partaking in the client’s favorite hobby can keep them comfortable, happy and healthy, all while helping to improve quality of life.