WellsBrooke Premium Home Healthcare.

Our Caregiving Story

Since its inception in 1995, WellsBrooke Premium Home Healthcare has stood out for its unwavering compassion and dedication to enhancing the well-being and quality of life of its clients. Our mission is rooted in the belief that every individual deserves superior care and the opportunity for an improved lifestyle.

Our Approach

We combine our caring philosophy with our expertise to deliver exceptional services. We understand the importance of providing reliable and compassionate care, which is why our team is dedicated to maintaining close communication with our clients and their families.

WellsBrooke Premium Home Healthcare.

What Sets Us Apart

We recognize the significance of safety and well-being for you or your loved one. To ensure the highest quality of care, we have assembled a team of professionals who work closely with our clients and their families. 

  • Our full-time recruiters are committed to selecting candidates who meet our rigorous standards.
  • Previous caregiving experience or training is a must for all the candidates willing to join.
  • For skilled positions, we verify the validity of a candidate's licensure prior to hire and throughout employment.
  • Potential employees undergo thorough screening, including state and federal background checks and reference checks.
  • Our caregivers are covered by professional liability insurance and are bonded. We also cover all taxes, workers' compensation, and unemployment insurance for our employees.

Get in Touch

Our dedication to detail and building solid client relationships has made us the premier home care solution for metro Detroit. Join us at WellsBrooke Premium Home Healthcare and experience the difference in care today. Have further questions? Reach out to us today.